About Me


I grew up working class in Mobile, Alabama, and experienced firsthand how systemic racism, inequality, and lack of opportunity affects entire communities. I was not born into a family with generational wealth, and because of that, I learned the value of hard work from my dad, my godmother, and the village that raised me at a young age.

My family encouraged me to follow my passion for STEM, and I carried the values they instilled in me as I earned my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Alabama A&M University and my master’s degree in Electrical Engineering/Engineering Management from Mercer University. I earned both of my degrees while working full time. 



My dad taught me the importance of compassion. He inspired my sense of service when he went to New Orleans to help with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A decade later, I followed his example in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Helping flood victims escape their homes showed me how important it is to help those in need.



My fiancé and I chose Palo Alto as the place we wanted to put down roots and build our life together. Like many young people living in the Bay Area, we had to consider housing costs. We planned and searched until we found a beautiful home to rent in the Triple El neighborhood that was within our budget, where we currently live with Luna, our dog.


As an engineer, I have dedicated my career to solving complex problems and I’ve led teams to execute multi-billion dollar programs. I lead by listening, and feel that the best solutions are those that draw on a diversity of perspectives. These principles will guide my decision-making on City Council.

I thought about the world that my fiancé and I want to leave for future generations, and I wanted to bring new voices to the table as our city leverages a shrinking budget to meet increasingly critical constituent needs. We need a city council that recognizes that it is our responsibility to provide climate health, secure housing with supporting infrastructure, and a sense of safety for every resident of our city - no matter their life circumstances.