Register to Vote

1. Check your registration status.

All actively registered voters will receiver a ballot by mail. Ballots will start getting sent out October 5th. 

If you are not actively registered, do so here:

The deadline to register is October 19th. 


2. Learn about the candidates and ballot proposition

Download your voter guide here:

This will also give you a sample ballot that you can use to plan out how to mark your real ballot. 


3. Fill out your ballot.

Use black/blue ink pen. Fill in circles completely.  After completing your ballot, detach the top numbered stub. Place your voted Ballot in your return envelope provided, complete the envelope and sign your name. 

4. Ballot drop locations in Palo Alto.

Drop off ballots before 8pm on Election Day (November 3rd). 

Find the latest list of locations for Santa Clara County at:

  • 250 Hamilton Ave. Palo Alto City Hall - Outside City Clerk Office. 
  • 50 Embarcadero Rd. Palo Alto High School
  • 1213 Newell Rd. Rinconada Branch Library 
  • 3700 Middlefield Rd - Mitchell Park Library

OR mail your ballot, postmarked by on November 3rd. Ballots must arrive by mail within 17 days of election day. 

5. Track your ballot status at